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Sunday, July 11, 2021



HiPleasures Makers of Sugar Cum Launch Gamechanger Activated Grass™

(Miami, FL) HiPleasures, the makers of Sugar Cum, have launched a new product, Activated Grass™, through their new company Warrior Life Code. It’s a gamechanger for everyone who wants the healing benefits of wheat grass while they’re busy at work, on the go, or unable to get away from their desk.

Wheatgrass offers many benefits but juicing or heading to a juice bar isn’t always a viable option. Now, there’s the wheatgrass supplement Activated Grass™ that is the equivalent of a 2-ounce wheatgrass shot. It offers the same benefits but in the form of four vegan, gluten-free, and all-natural capsules, including increasing your metabolism, improving digestion, supporting mental clarity, boosting energy, and removing toxins.

Warrior Life Code Co-Founder Brittani Feinberg developed Activated Grass™ after her wife Natalia Maldonado was diagnosed with breast cancer. Natalia opted for a holistic treatment, which included lots of wheatgrass to supercharge her continued wellness. With Natalia’s busy coaching schedule, it wasn’t always convenient to juice or find a juice bar—now she just takes 4 Activated Grass™ capsules when she needs a dose of wheatgrass.

‘Wheatgrass changed my life and health. I was lucky to have my wife and business partner, Brittani, by my side during my healing journey. Her support meant the world to me and so did her creating Activated Grass™. Wheatgrass is a miracle and now it’s in a bottle and easier for everyone to enjoy its benefits. We’re excited to launch Activated Grass™ and can’t wait for everyone to try it. There are many changes that you can make in life, but taking wheatgrass is an easy and important change that anyone can do,” says Natalia Maldonado.

“Just like Sugar Cum, Activated Grass™ will offer anyone the gift of better health, which includes better sexual relations. Everyone from adult stars to athletes and beyond can benefit from more wheatgrass in their world and taking four capsules a day is easy and beneficial to everyone’s health,” says Brittani Feinberg.

Activated Grass™ is available for sale in a limited number of bottles at Book a coaching session with Natalia and learn more about the Warrior Life Code way of life at

Natalia Maldonado and Brittani Feinberg will be in NYC for a media tour July 12th through July 19th. Media inquiries for their NYC dates and beyond can be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at


Founded by Natalia Maldonado and Brittani Feinberg, Warrior Life Code is all about your higher self in mind, body, and heart. The empowering site and the women behind it give everyone the tools to live their life like a warrior. Making changes in the way you eat, and your lifestyle are key.

Natalia Maldonado has an extensive background in wellness, fitness and is a victorious breast cancer survivor—she offers one-on-one and group coaching, mind and body healing workshops, yoga courses, and more. Brittani has a background in wellness and health with her adult company HiPleasures and their staple product Sugar Cum and is now a published author featured in the book The Entrepreneur’s Playbook.

While Natalia was on her healing journey, she realized that wheat grass was the key to making it through to the other side. Brittani saw the need to make a supplement version of wheat grass to help Natalia with her journey when she was on the road and created the innovative, all-natural new product Activated Grass™. Activated Grass™ is a wheatgrass supplement that gives everyone access the healing powers of wheat grass. Activated Grass™ helps digestion, metabolism, mental clarity, and boosts energy. It’s the equivalent of 2 ounces of a wheat grass shot, but way more convenient. Find out more at

Find out more about the Warrior Life Code way of life and book a session, get more about fitness, and link to buy Activated Grass™ at Follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @warriorlifecode and “like” their company Facebook page at


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