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Thursday, November 17, 2022



Daisy Ducati & Jupiter Jetson Advance to Fall Brawl Semi-Finals

(Las Vegas, NV) Evolved Fights Lez's Annual Fall Brawl is one of the most talked about and watched events of 2022. And now the Semi-Finals have begun. The winner from Match #1 Daisy Ducati is going up against the winner of Match #3, Jupiter Jetson.

The first four matches of the 2022 Fall Brawl have been intense with some rookies pulling their weight and advancing and veteran wrestlers showing they’ve still got it. Daisy Ducati took down Agatha Delicious in Match #1 and Jupiter Jetson beat Vanessa Vega in Match #3. The two fiery redheads both fought hard and have advanced to the Semi-Finals—and the winner will advance to the Finals. Daisy has 19 wins out of the 21 matches she’s competed in, and Jupiter has only been in two matches and won one. It will take not only skill and experience, but also might and thinking on your feet. Either of these gladiators could advance to the finals, but there will be a lot of cumming on the mat. Only one of these wrestlers will get to wear the strap-on, trib the loser, and lift and carry her off the mat. But, you’ll have to watch and see who wins at

Next week, the winners from Match #2 and Match #4 will face off in the second Semi-Finals. The winners from both Semi-Finals will advance to the Finals and for the glory and the ultimate title of Greatest Sex Fighter of All Time.

“This Fall Brawl has been amazing, and the rookies are really giving the veterans a run for their money. The upsets have been really wild, and I definitely wouldn’t have called most of the winners going in," says Ariel X. “Daisy is one of our most winning wrestlers and Jupiter has really shown herself a force to be reckoned with, even though she’s a rookie. Both ladies have amazed me going into the Semi-Fianls and either would be deserving to advance to the Finals.”

The tournament ends on December 7th. The matches are updated biweekly, and alternate weeks will feature an Orgasm Challenge update.

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Having directed and performed in the wrestling genre for a decade, Ariel X started the unscripted, competitive, and mixed wrestling site Evolved Fights in 2018, and in 2019 launched the sister site Evolved Lez. The original site drew its name from her journey discovering the joys of fetish wrestling, and training and discipline. When she named the site, she hoped every sexual athlete who steps onto her mats gets the same character evolution that she has had. And viewers who watch the fights will never be the same and also evolve. Evolved Fights is all about playful, consensual power exchange that’s unscripted—both male and female professional adult talent can dominate their sex player at the end of the match, but they must earn it by winning. The scenes feature amazing talent, top names, loser/prize rounds, and incredible bouts. See what you’ve been missing and join and Both sites scored 2021 Fleshbot nominations for Best Paysite Gay and Best Paysite ALT. And also join the newest site, Submissive X, which combines muscles and sensual lesbian bondage with Ariel X starring in all the scenes with some of the biggest names in adult and your favorite stars from Evolved Fights and Evolved Lez. Follow them on social media on Twitter @EvolvedFights and @evolvedLez and on Instagram @evolvedfightsmodels and @evolvedfightslez.


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