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Monday, May 15, 2023



ELEVATE Celebrates AANHPI Heritage Month with ‘AANHPI in Adult’

(Seattle, WA) ELEVATE (presented by Streamate) is observing AANHPI Heritage Month with "AANHPI in Adult," a series of mini-Q&As featuring creators and business professionals from across the industry.

AANHPI stands for "Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander." Observed annually in May, AANHPI month celebrates the history and contributions of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities in the US.

"It's important that we see people who look like us—who can identify with our lived and cultural experiences, whether in an adult or mainstream context. So it gives me tremendous pride to see AANHPI representation on the rise in adult, especially when it's in the form of empowering depictions that smash archaic stereotypes," says ELEVATE's Vanessa Eve, who's also a first-generation Asian American.

The "AANHPI in Adult" series will prompt industry members to share their personal views on modern-day depictions of AAPI, takeaways as AAPI creators and business professionals, and favorite traditions.

ELEVATE invites other AAPI members of adult to participate in this series during May by emailing

Follow ELEVATE's social media accounts all month long @beyondsexwork on Twitter and Instagram to view the "AANHPI in Adult" Q&A series.


Presented by Streamate, ELEVATE is an initiative that recognizes adult industry members and allies working to positively impact their community through advocacy, direct support, and/or creative endeavors. Find out more about ELEVATE at or by following them on Twitter and Instagram at @beyondsexwork.


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