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Monday, February 12, 2024



Melody Marks Makes Hentaied Debut & Returns to Parasited

(Budapest, Hungary) Always in the Top 50 of Pornhub, blue-eyed delicious blonde Melody Marks is known for her all-natural 32D tits, firm ass, love of being dominated, youthful look, and high sex drive. Recently, she made her debut on real-life porn hentai porn site Hentaied and returned to alternative world site Parasited for her second scene. Both scenes were directed by Ricky Greenwood and produced by Romero.

Wearing a cute school uniform and donning braces in "Summer School," Melody Marks makes her Hentaied debut. She's definitely not a good girl; she's alone in a classroom…or thinks she is. While reading a book, tentacles wrap around her and bind her to her chair before slithering up her skirt and pulling off her panties to fuck her and leave copious amounts of alien jizz. The tentacles return, bind her hands to the desk, and go in for the tentacle job as they enter her mouth and re-enter her pussy. Satiated, the tentacles fill her with more cum. Removing all her clothes, Melody demands they come back and finish. She gives another tentacle job, but this time with both hands and her mouth, as another tentacle fucks her from behind. Melody's pussy and mouth are filled with alien goo, but she keeps going with the tentacle job. Then, she lies on her back to let the tentacles rub against her breasts and enter her pussy a third time. Once she's entirely covered in cum, she's satiated. The trailer and member-exclusive scene can be viewed at

"Midnight Lessons" marks Melody's return to Parasited, and she also wears a schoolgirl uniform. The scene opens with her in her car on the phone with a friend, unhatching a plot to steal the tablet back that her teacher, Natasha Nice, took from her. When she sees her car, Natasha pulls up and knows she's caught Melody. Then, Natasha gets slimed, and an alien enters her mouth and parasites her. Melody hears noises, and a thunderstorm starts—then she goes into the hallway, and her teacher drags her into the lab. Natasha puts her on the desk, makes out with her, and passes the parasite to Melody. The possession begins while Natasha plays with herself. When Natasha goes in for the kiss this time, it's reciprocated before Natasha pulls off her panties, goes down on her, and smacks her ass. Now, it's Natasha's turn, and Melody sucks her boobs and goes down on her. The ladies scissor on the desk, give each other more oral sex, rub their big titties together, and kiss. Watch the trailer and scene at

"Our members are enjoying Melody, her acting skills, on-screen sexual prowess, love of being dominated, and her schoolgirl outfits and braces that give her a youthful look. Both scenes are hits, and you'll definitely be seeing more of her," says creator/producer Romero Mr. Alien.

For media inquiries about Hentaied and Parasited, contact Erika Icon of The Rub PR at



Imagine human depictions of your favorite anime characters getting down and dirty, and that’s Hentaied. It’s the only real-life porn hentai porn site featuring alien monsters, tentacles, cumflation all the way through, and lots of cum! The site is all about tentacle porn, alien porn, and hardcore anal and offers a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. Reviewers refer to the site as “your #1 tentacle porn source” and enjoy the casting of top European adult stars. And the site boasts over 3 million visitors each month.

Their 2022 film Arcade Game starring Purple Bitch and Rae Lil Black made history with a budget of 250k euros with 70k euros for the CGI budget crowdfunded by hentai enthusiasts. And it was also the first porn scene where a CGI character intimately interacted with a human.

Hentaied has won the 2023 Fetish Site of the Year from the XBIZ Awards. In addition, they were nominated for Best Niche Series or Channel (twice), Best Art Direction, Most Outrageous Sex Scene and Best Editing from the AVN Awards, Director of the Year, Studio of the Year, Paysite of the Year, and Best Sex Scene — Glamcore from the XBIZ Europa Awards, Fetish Site of the Year by the XBIZ Awards, Favorite Channel by the Pornhub Awards, Best AltPorn Membership Site from the AltStar Awards, and Finest Membership Website for Fandom from the Bazowie! Awards. Explore their site at Follow Hentaied on Twitter @Hentaied1, IG @gianthealien and @mralienreal, and Discord Subscribe to their YouTube Channel And find out why they have over 75 million views and 187k subscribers on Pornhub


Parasited is an alternative world with the hottest babes and mind-controlling alien bugs. The highly original and exquisitely filmed scenes revolve around alien parasites taking over hot babes' bodies to carry out their handiwork. Mixing horror and sex are two huge turn-ons, which has made this new high-end possessed girl site a hit. In 2023, Parasited won Best Sex Scene - Lesbian at the XBIZ Europa Awards, was nominated for Fetish Site of the Year by the XBIZ Awards and was featured in the October issue of Hustler Magazine.

Explore the site at Follow Parasited on social media on Twitter @parasited_xxx and IG @mralienreal. Parasited is part of the Hentaied universe on Pornhub, is one of the top-ranking studios, and is consistently in the Top 100 Channels on Pornhub with over 75 million views and 187k subscribers.


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