Hiring the Right PR Firm

Now that awards season is over, we’re getting a lot of emails and calls about potential clients wanting to sign up. Potential clients are realizing the importance of PR and the best part is they’re not waiting until right before awards season.

From time to time, new so called PR firms crop up. A seasoned publicist knows that the chances of them succeeding are slim to none, and that a lot of people think they can do PR. In the adult biz, there are about four agencies that do stellar work and really make things happen. That’s four out of about 10.

People in the industry know who to come to based on current and past client referrals, track records and what we make happen for our clients. We get our clients in the top magazines, their own radio shows, places to sign at trade shows (and many times paid), toy lines, and even mainstream work–this is just a few of the services we offer. We’ve proven our selves time and time again, and in less than six years have become one of the top adult PR agencies in the biz.

So, when you’re looking for a PR remember to check the rep and record of the agency you’re considering, ask around and hire someone who ONLY does PR, so you get the best level of service. If you’re interested in real results and upping your career, contact us at info@therubpr.com.

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