What Is It Like to Be a Publicist?

Late last year, I wrote a blog entry for http://gtxxxtreme.com about what it’s like to be a publicist. Of course, there’s no typical day, but here’s an idea. Enjoy!

A Day in the Life of a Porn Publicist

People always ask me what a publicist does and why porn needs PR. I hope this will give some insight.

When I roll out of bed on a Monday at about 10am and immediately start working. Even if I have worked over the weekend, there is so much to get done—press releases, interviews, tying up any loose ends for AVN (where are the girls signing, do they need photos, are they getting paid, etc.), and a million other things. Plus last week, I ended up getting 3 new clients who are all starting in January—Diamond Kitty, Lisa Sparxxx and Adult Trading Card Company (ATCC). I’m on email, Facebook and Twitter all day long Tweeting about my clients and everything they’re working on, the contests you should vote for them for and some insights into my day. Plus, my phone is constantly ringing and the texts are non-stop.

At 11am, I go down to the mailbox to find a huge box of toys to review from innocent Words Adult, a check from a client and some screeners from Jules Jordan. Some days it just feels like Xmas.

I chant for about a half hour—I’m a Nichiren Buddhist and I know it keeps me on an even keel and has brought me a lot of good fortune. I try and do it first thing, but many times the day gets ahead of me and I have to stop the day to do this.

Around noon, Nyomi Banxxx calls and I catch her up on all I’m working on for her and ask her a slew of questions, including if it’s OK to pitch her to two well-known photographers for their websites and a magazine on newsstands that features beautiful ladies with outstanding asses and about a signing tour I’m working on that will have her all across the country.

After an extremely busy morning and early afternoon, I drive to the Valley around 4pm to meet with Diamond Kitty at the ATMLA office with her and her agent, Shy Love. I get there around 5pm and we talk about the game plan for Diamond. Whenever I take on a new client, I work very closely with them on branding, marketing and imaging. I worked in advertising before Adult and know how to sell anything, including people. It’s all about image and perception. Diamond is new to the business, but has done some good projects. And I’m pretty sure in 2011, she will be a household name. I have been able to do that for a ton of clients this year, including TS Mia Isabella and Kelly Divine. After a meeting that lasts more than three hours, I drop DK off at her hotel and head back to Silver Lake for more work.

I’m constantly checking emails on my cell phone, but there’s a ton more when I arrive home. I check in with all my clients at least once a week and tonight is the night to talk to Mia Isabella, Alia Janine and Tara Lynn Foxx. Mia has to reschedule her appearance on Playboy Radio, Alia is excited about her new agent that I hooked her up with and Tara Lynn is debating whether or not to do a three-night feature dancing gig. A lot of times, my clients just need someone to talk to, and that’s me. I don’t mind it because I really do like them all and care about them. And for them to be successful, they need to be happy. Many other publicists might not do this, but I do.

Then around 9pm, I get back in the car and meet Kevin from Pipedream Toys so he can give me the toys for The Naughty Show. I got them as a sponsor on the show Thursday night. And because it’s right around the corner, I have to wrap all the toys for the show, so Black Santa can give them out. I can’t even tell you how hard it is to wrap a Sean Michaels dildo—it’s really heavy.

Then, I catch up on all the industry news for the day on AVN, XBIZ, etc. and check my email and cell one more time. Before I go to bed, I chant again for another half hour. It’s about 2am, before I hit the sheets. Now, you can see why I start working at 10am and not earlier. Some nights, I’m working until 3 or 4am. I love what I do and I love the Adult industry.

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