What Else Makes Us Different…Press Releases

The last blog post got us thinking about how else we’re different. One HUGE thing is our press releases, which are top-notch, and here’s why:

Erika Icon has a degree from UCLA in Fine Arts with a minor in English/writing. Unlike most publicists, she can actually write. Her grammar, vocabulary and spelling are incomparable.

You won’t see sites having to rewrite our PR or rejecting it. Yes, that does happen with other agencies.

Our press releases are creative and we spend a lot of time coming up with catchy titles that make people want to read what we write and keep their attention with great copy. We also don’t put the same press release out over and over–each one is an original.

We always quote someone else in press releases. We rarely quote ourselves or some “unnamed rep”.

Our press releases are about our clients 99 percent of the time, because it’s always about them. We rarely send out press about ourselves.

Press releases are important because they represent the clients, and they have to be great!

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