Free PR Services

Got your attention, didn’t we?

The real question is why would someone offer free PR? There are quite a few reasons, but here are a few:

  • They’re hanging out their shingle and trying to compete with the big boys and girls with established reputations and connections.
  • They want to get close to porn stars and this is their in.
  • They’re trying to build their company and roster.
  • They’re trying to learn their job and you are giving the time and experience.
  • They want to appear to have more clients than they really do, by offering a month of service or a few press releases.

The problem with free PR is it isn’t free. Bad PR can hurt your career, image, and reputation.

With a seasoned professional you get well written press releases, interviews with mainstream and adult sites and magazines, and more. Our services are not free, but they’re extremely affordable. The old saying of you get what you pay for definitely applies here. So when you’re really serious, you will pay for PR and hire a company with proven results, like us.

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