The Rub PR Clients & Erika Icon Get Nominations

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. My clients have a lot going on and I’m glad to be able to promote and get them a lot of those events, interviews, etc. There are a few announcements that need to be made.

First off, I have been nominated for the third year in a row for Publicist of the Year from the Fame Registry Awards. I liked what they say about about the importance of a publicist. “Any popular porn star will tell you they couldn’t have gotten where they are without their publicist. A good publicist will work tirelessly to promote what his (or her) client’s latest projects are including their movies, feature dancing performances and appearances at special events.” I’m hoping that three will be the lucky number or it will be a case of the third time being the charm. The Fame Registry and Night Moves are the only awards for publicists. Although the love of our clients mean a lot, an award would be really cool…one or both of these.

And speaking of awards…Nikki Delano was nominated for an Exotic Dancer Award for Adult Movie Feature Entertainer of the Year, along with three Night Moves Award Nominations for Best Feature Dancer, Best Latino Performer and Best Ass. And, new comer Alex Chance was nominated for a Night Moves Award for Best New Starlet. Vote for both of the ladies by going to from now until September 15th, 2012.

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