No on Measure B

Measure B Doesn't Benefit Anyone Except the AHF

Today, for two hours, the adult industry was all over social media…well, more than usual. Steven St. Croix issued a call to action and asked the question “what are you doing to oppose Measure B?” Many performers Tweeted, took to Facebook, put Tumblr into action, posted blogs and hit the airwaves to keep their fans and the general public informed.

The industry is well informed on what’s going on. The biggest concern here is the civilians. With 3 giant AHF billboards in a one-mile radius in the suburb of Silver Lake and dozens of other places around town, the general public may be too quick to vote yes on Measure B. My hope is that the billboards will backfire and  people will vote no. Many people are anti-porn, but they need to know the facts. This goes way beyond porn, performers and condoms–there are three major issues.

Do Not Shop at or Donate to the Out of the Closet Stores

The AHF has wasted $2.5 millions dollars on their campaign. Where do they get their money? From people who donate items to and shop at the dozens of Out of the Closet thrift stores. All the sales they make go to support this, along with the monetary donations people make because they think they’re helping people with AIDS and research. This huge amount of money could have greatly helped treat hundreds or even thousands of people with STI and HIV infections. And as a side note, the corporate office/retail on Sunset in Hollywood across from the Palladium sells bareback videos–kind of hypocritical, don’t you think?

It Will Hurt People Who Need Healthcare the Most

If Measure B passes, it will effect the people who need healthcare the most–funds will be taken from local community clinics and under-served minority communities. The money to fund the policing of condoms, permits and hazmat protocol on sets will be taken out of healthcare dollars for people who need it the most. It will cost the Department of Health at least $300,000 to start this program up, if it passes.

It Unnecessary Makes Our Industry Look Bad

We are professionals, just like any other industry. The “Pornographers Say No on B” billboards make our industry look sleazy. The public is lead to believe we can’t police our own industry, but we can and what we’ve been doing has worked for many years. The testing procedures we have in place work and we’ve been able to shut down production when there is a problem, which is very rare.  From June 30, 2008 to June 30, 2011, there were 6,447 new cases of HIV reported in L.A. County, but only two were adult performers, and they didn’t get it on-set. Since 2004, there have been no cases of HIV transmission on a porn set. We must be doing something right, if you think about how many performers there are in the industry and how many scenes are filmed daily, weekly and monthly. And on top of that, we don’t need outside people telling us what to do with our bodies.

What Can You Do

It is not enough to be registered to vote and vote no on Measure B. Let people outside of the industry (i.e. fans, the general public, etc.) know what the real deal is with this measure–it’s smoke and mirrors and a way for the AHF to line their pockets with more money and ruin our industry for no good reason at all. I’m proud of the individuals in our industry who have taken a stand like Steven St. Croix, Dr. Chantelle Tibbals, Nina Hartley, Jessica Drake, Tera Patrick, Ron Jeremy, Michael Whiteacre, Rebecca Bardoux and many others.

If you or someone you know isn’t registered, the deadline is October 22nd, which is six days from now. Click here to register:

For more facts against Measure B, go here:

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