Yes, We’re Different

Before our new client, Leia Down, hired us, she told me she liked that we didn’t promise to make people stars. She’s right, we don’t. We never over promise. That got me thinking about how else we’re different from the other PR agencies out there, because we definitely are. And because of this, a lot of our business comes from referrals from present or past clients.

There are a lot of adult PR agencies out there, but only a few that really are stellar at what we do. To be stellar, you have to be not only be different, but make a difference–part of this is offering services that others don’t and providing a high level of personalized service. Here’s a brief overview of what makes us different:

  • We only take clients we think we can help and genuinely like. It’s important to have a great relationship with your clients, so you can help them grow or get even bigger than they already are.
  • Because I’m a Buddhist, I take a Buddhist approach in business. I’m respectful in how I treat my clients, the media and anyone I come in contact with. I show appreciation to people who help and support my clients and our firm. We never expect people to do things for us, and we let people know we’re grateful when they do. This approach works well and brings people back to us over and over.
  • We offer many services that other PR agencies don’t, like getting performers signing with adult companies and studios at trade shows, and many times getting then paid for it. If a client is a company and they do a trade show, we do everything from start to finish, from paperwork to helping them run the booth.
  • If we get our clients a paying gig (like a spread in a magazine or hooked up with a feature dancing booker/company), we never take a percentage/commission. That way they can pay their agents a fee (if they need to), and everyone is happy.
  • We work with a broad range of clients, including girls who are new to the industry,  t-girls, and adult-oriented companies with interesting and/or innovative products and services.
  • We’ve even started working with mainstream clients, and have forged relationships with mainstream producers, directors and writers who have attained mainstream projects for our clients. And, we will have some very exciting announcements for two of our clients very soon.
  • And one last point…we’re affordable. We have some of the best rates and our clients get a lot of bang for their buck.

There are many more ways that we’re different. If you’re curious about PR and maybe even hiring us, visit our Contact Page:

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