Do Publicists Just Do Press Releases?

The Rub PR Girls Aysia (AKA Dizzy) & Erika Icon with Client Karla Lane

Last week, I was at the XRCO Awards with my clients. A few of my industry friends came up to me and told me another publicist was hard selling their services to them. This specific publicist mainly just writes press releases. So, the question was posed to me was, “Is this all that publicists do?” Because we were at an event, I gave a simple answer of no. Almost a week later,  I’m still thinking about this and want to talk about it in my blog.

Yes, press releases are important. I send them out when there is legitimate news for a specific client–most of my clients average two a month, but if they have newsworthy things to promote, we can do one every week. But, my job as a publicist goes way beyond writing press releases. Here’s a small glimpse into what my company does:

  • Setting up interviews (radio, Internet, etc.)
  • Getting clients in magazines
  • Connecting clients with people who can book them for feature dancing
  • Finding booths for my clients to sign at trade shows
  • Submitting nominations for award shows and coming up with successful marketing plans to win
  • Teaching clients how to use social media more effectively and/or helping them set up accounts

For more about our services and what we offer, check out our Services page on our site or contact us at to discuss what we can do for you.

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