Are You a Guy Who Wants to Get into Porn?

Every week, I get tons of Tweets, emails and Facebook messages from guys who want to be in the biz. Little do they know it takes more than being a dude who’s ready to have sex at any given moment. Here’s a blog I wrote awhile ago that shows you what it takes. Even if you’ve got it, please stop Tweeting pics of your unit (or having it as your avatar)–the porn girls, directors, other publicists and I would appreciate it.


First off, I’m a publicist, NOT an agent, modeling agency or studio. These are the people that you need to contact. The fact that I know porn stars and directors will not get you in the business. I can help you once you actually are in the business—publicists get you press and help make you famous.

You don’t have to look like Erik Everhard or Jean Val Jean to get into porn—there are quite a few regular looking guys. You don’t have to be a male supermodel to be in porn—that’s the just the majority. You can be a regular guy like Ron Jeremy. This is just a general overview and not the case 100% of the time.

Keep in mind, being a dude, having a dick and/or maybe some sexual prowess isn’t enough. If everybody could be a pornstar, then everybody would. Before you delve into the exciting world of making porn, you should consider a few things:

  • Once you have made 1 or 100 movies, they are out there for the world to see. There’s no hiding you did it. So, consider the consequences.
  • Are you a good-looking guy? Yes, looks do count.
  • Are you willing to work hard on your body? You will have to workout. Erik Everhard and his buddies probably spend hours in the gym (to get those biceps) and watch what you eat, along with upkeep like haircuts and potentially waxing (yes, those parts and potentially more).
  • What sets you apart from the crowd? Most male stars have some distinctive quality about them such as dick size and/or girth or special performance skills. You’ll also need a name that stands out like Lexington Steele (AKA Lex the Impaler), Will Powers, Tim Von Swine, Nacho Vidal or James Deen. And yes, these names are already taken.
  • You have to have sex with whatever chick(s) they pair you with, whether you think they’re hot or not. And, you have to appear on camera as though you and that starlet have some intense chemistry.
  • Have you ever had sex with 20+ people watching you? The eyes of everyone on the set will be on you.
  • Can you take the pressure? Being a master of keeping it cool is always important.
  • Can you keep it up for 1 to 4 hours? These guys and their members work long hours.
  • Are you prepared to do sex acts you might not like, including anal and double-teaming a girl with another guy?
  • Can you cum on command? That’s right—it’s all about when and where the money shot happens. And can you keep yourself from coming, until it’s time for the money shot?
  • And lastly, men generally get paid less than women do (usually they make about half what women make). There’s a greater demand for women in the business. The upside is that if you’re good, you’ll work a lot. The industry tends to use the same guys over and over and not let too many new guys enter the talent pool.

After you you’ve considered all of the above, you might be ready to step in front of the camera. Publicists are NOT the people to contact to get you into the biz. There are talent agencies you can sign on with. You might want to start by contacting a studio or your favorite director, and see if you can get a bit part in a movie. If you do a good job, other roles might come your way. And after you make 100 movies or so, you might be a star, director and/or have your own line of sex toys. In the world of porn, anything is possible.

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