Who’s Running Your Social Media?

Are you a porn star or rising star who is not running your own social media accounts? If you’re not, it’s a huge mistake and here’s why.

Fans want to interact with you on social media, not your manager, agent, assistant or publicist. They night have the essence of you, but they’re not you, and a real fan will know that.

If you’re not controlling your own account, you can’t control your image or brand. If someone else is tweeting for you, posting photos on Instagram, or pretending to be you on Snapchat, you and/or your fans/followers might not like what they say, and before you know it, it will be too late. They could post unflattering pictures, push their own agenda, or cause your social media numbers to drop. We’ve seen it happen a lot with adult stars and it’s not pretty.

Interacting with you fans can take just a few minutes of your day here and there, but it means the world to them, and could catapult¬† your popularity and drive up the numbers of people following you on social media. It’s definitely worth your time to engage.

If you’re a performer, director or model and want to know how to use social media more effectively, we offer that as a service to our clients. Yes, we’re full service, but we never run personal accounts.

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