What Exactly Is a Publicist?

A lot of people don’t understand what PR is and what a publicist does—they assume publicists are agents, managers or even (God forbid) assistants. I’d like to clear up this confusion.

Publicists make you famous—our job is to get your name out there. This can equate to more work and more money, but not always right away. I get my clients interviews (radio, Internet, written, etc.), magazine placement (which may or may not pay), presenting and nominated for awards (and hopefully winning them too), hosting parties, and a bunch of other things.

For clients with no agent or manager, or who don’t have exclusive contracts, I can help them get work (mainstream and adult, depending on the client), but this isn’t my focus. There are many competent agents out there—when girls ask me who to go with I usually suggest three—ask me, and I might tell you whom they are. Agents take a percentage—I don’t, but I do charge a monthly fee. Agents have time to get on the phone and hustle up work for you (or the companies are calling them). If I do this, it takes time away from what I do best—getting your name out there.

Manager do just that—manage. They make sure you’re taking the right jobs and make sure you get there on time. As a publicist, I make sure you get to interviews, signings, trade shows, etc. on time, and I also remind you the day of about these types of things. I suggest that you be on time when working with the studios, directors and producers, because it’s professional—and even though we work in adult, it’s still important to be professional. If my clients want advice (or just my opinion) on a specific studio, director or performer, I can offer that, but managers specialize in this type of knowledge.

Although our company offers more services than most, we are by no means to be viewed as an assistant. We will go with you to meetings, but we won’t run errands for you. I will take your call at 2am (if I’m awake), but I won’t bail you out of jail. These are just a few examples. A godo way to think of it would be a publicist is her to help you, but is not a sidekick or go-for (going for this and that).

If you’d like to see a menu of some of the services we provide, go here: www.therubpr.com/departments.php?dep=services. No two clients are the same, and each one has different goals and needs. We have a specific plan of action tailored to each client. Performers and companies don’t all fit into one mold. Contact us and see what we can do for you.

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